The Gentle Groomer

Adriana C


Hello Everyone!

My name is Adriana C, Owner of True TransFURmations Grooming LLC. My passion for animals stems from an early childhood. Always feeding strays, and saving as many dogs as I could! I always knew I wanted to work with animals, and eventually as a adult I entered Central Jersey Grooming Academy in Matawan NJ. It was the best decision I could have made as a career choice! Its my passion to make your furbaby feel BRAND NEW! As a *Gentle Groomer*, your baby will be treated with love and respect, and never forcefully made to do anything they don’t like! Cant wait to meet all my future clients and your Furbabies!

Drop Off Clients! 1 on 1 grooming services available at an additional cost! NO CAGE TIME!

Kenchii Grooming named me their Brand Ambassador

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“Hi! my name is Adriana C of Torres Transfurmations Grooming! Becoming a dog groomer was always my dream. Being able to not only groom, but to be able to work with Kenchii Grooming, is a dream come true too. I started with the student level scorpion shears, and never looked back. Now, I am using the Rosé collection and my grooming comes out flawless. It truly is an honor to be working with Kenchii. You will not regret getting any of the Kenchii products.”


A big thank you to @ttgroomz for the work you do and the support you have shown our products. Our team members at Kenchii Grooming appreciate it. ☺️?✂️